Hemp and Eco Consciousness

Why are you using hemp?

Covet's textile products will be made with as high a percentage of hemp as possible, and in cases where it is unavailable, organic cotton will be used.

Hemp is a more responsible fibre to be using for many reasons, with the major ones being:
-It is very hardy and can grow without the use of pesticides. (Cotton uses 16% of the world’s pesticides and even more chemicals are used during fabric manufacture).

-Hemp has a much higher yield - basically it needs half the amount of space as cotton, to produce the same weight of finished textile.

-It takes 500 litres of water to produce 1kg of hemp. In comparison, cotton is very thirsty. It takes 10 000 litres of water to produce 1kg of cotton (one pair of jeans and tshirt). This means that less fresh water is available to people who need it, often including the people who are growing it.

-Hemp is more hardwearing, and the texture can be more like linen!

In addition to this, rather than working seasonally, Covet products are created more instinctively giving more time for experimentation and creativity. This also means that hundreds of products aren't being made with a lot of potential wastage. To minimise waste further, one-off products such as zip up pouches and purses are often made from offcuts to complement the main textile pieces.